Whatever you do, or don’t do, write. Write stories, write poems, write a diary. Write about things you’ve done, things you want to do. Who you are, who you want to be. Write to escape. Write to reach your goals. Write for fun. Write for money. Use punctuation, or don’t. Misspell words, make words up. Use a dictionary, use a thesaurus. Use a language translator. Write for others. Write for just yourself. Write a blog, but know only the strong survive. Use a laptop, a tablet, a notebook, a sticky note – anything that will pull the words in your head and your heart into a physical form. Write to remember. Write to forget. Write to move on. Write a list. A list for everything. Find a favorite pen. Pencil. Marker. Crayon. Write for a moment, or write for a while. It’s a gift. A joy. Something you will never regret. So just write.

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