Keep Supporting Local Businesses

A PSA for Central Ohio folks.

I’m saying this as someone who’s been the voice of many brands, large and small. I’m saying this as someone who lost their job due to COVID. I’m saying this as someone who loves their community. I’m saying this even though it’s been said many times before:

Support local brands in any way you can.⁣⁣

It’s so so so important that we keep this up.⁣

This is from a place of respect and awareness: there is a difference between living responsibly/cautiously and living in fear. Only one is sustainable.⁣

We can uplift our favorite establishments by:⁣

• Visiting in person, as long as we feel comfortable and safe⁣
• Setting aside our “going out” funds for alternative channels⁣
• Ordering online⁣
• Taking advantage of delivery programs⁣
• Buying gift cards⁣
• Sharing the love on social ⁣
• Messaging words of encouragement⁣
• Adhering to safety guidelines without question ⁣

As uncertainty presses on, we have to protect the bright future of Columbus’ business ecosystem. Countless livelihoods depend on it. Without its vibrancy and diversity, the 614 simply wouldn’t be what it is.⁣

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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