Welcome, meet my old blogs

A visit to Salt Fork State Park in the Spring

Full disclosure, I’ve had a blog before.

Okay, two blogs.

Fiiine. Three blogs. I’ve had three blogs.

Each one has been very niche. They began with high hopes and then fizzled. I think it was partially the pressure of coming up with relevant content on a regular basis (it stopped my creative gears in their tracks) and partially because of school and jobs that did/do not include blog writing on the task list.

Sad, because I have a true passion for writing.

When I dove into creating this website, I decided I could make a blog that lived right here as just a portion of the bigger picture. That way, when inspiration strikes, or I have some spare time, I can write away. My blog covers a whole host of topics and I hope to appeal to anyone who is navigating the ups and downs of personal and career life.

Meanwhile, to pay tribute to my past blogs, I’ll leave two of them right here. May their legacy live on.

Miss Modify, my health and fitness blog

The Wedding Year, which chronicled my last few months as a single lady


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