Writing. Brand Strategy. Social Media. Art & Design.


I’m Jayci –

I’m a marketing / communications professional and artist at heart. My niche is the creative and content development side of digital marketing. I’m all about a dynamic team where all hands are on deck. I’m driven, resilient, and shine in those last-minute-down-to-the-wire-we-gotta-make-this-happen situations. I’m quick to learn the ins and outs of the brand I’m working with to deliver the best marketing results possible. I’m also quick with a witty one-liner.

I love figuring things out and making things happen in a pinch. I’m generally a cool and collected “voice of reason”: inquisitive by nature and thinking about problems from all angles before diving in. However, I’m not afraid to take risks and embrace change. I have strong relational intuition that helps me connect with people – I’m quick to pick up on communication nuances, delicately yet effectively approach conflict, and understand needs.

My heart is in Ohio. As an OSU alum, I love the Columbus community with all my heart and am always looking for ways to get involved. I’m especially interested in the small business scene.

Take a look around to learn more about me, my skills and my experience. Don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s something you can’t find.

Thanks for stopping by!